Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quick Updates Are Easier To Write

Definitely not crossing my fingers but I am slightly hopeful.

I just wanted to give a quick update to everyone back home and to all those others that might care just because you love me anyway. Recently I reapplied for the ungodly amount of money that it costs to get into my school this coming March and it sounds like things are going really well.

One more thing that seems to be note worthy is Kendra passed around my name to a few people at work and it seems that I have gotten myself an interview for a much better paying job. If I get the job, it seems that the schedules won’t be conflicting so I’ll have to try and keep them both. Don’t want to jinx it by blabbing it just yet, plus if they happen to Google my name they might read this. Ha ha.

Anyway, wish me luck for that.

Looking forward to this weekend. One of our friends is coming this week before he jumps off to Hawaii. Just wish I didn’t have to work all day on Saturday. I’m sure we’ll be able to at least go out for a drink or dinner all together.

Seriously though, kind of nervous for this interview. I honestly don’t know if I’m quite qualified for this position but i am awfully crafty and creative so hopefully they’ll recognize that. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on the interview situation on Monday.


Beau Tobler said...

Cool sounds like you might have something awesome on your plate finnaly.

John Hanan said...

Good luck in the interview. Just remember while your in it though. WWKD. (What would Ken do)

Jesse Tobler said...


Ha hahah aha aha hahaah ahahahahah.

John, I say that phrase to myself almost hourly in my day to day life.


Anonymous said...

If you leave Peet's, I'll burn your house down. Actually, I'll probably take you out for a victorious drink. Best of luck, friend!