Friday, January 30, 2009

Wayward Identity

It seems, as of late, I have been misplacing my personal items. Most recently, my drivers license. In the process of photo copying and faxing my identification, it has seems to have vanished. Best part about this situation is that I actually never had a chance to photo copy or fax it to the people who need it. I’m sure it’ll turn up. Or at least I hope so, because I’m almost certain that I do not qualify for residency in California yet, to get an ID.

Perhaps, for some strange karmic reason, someone will send it back to Oregon, to the address that’s on the license and my boys there will let me know... or keep it and sell it for $50 bucks to some underaged, Pete Wentz look alike.

Lately, the weather here has been outstanding, mid 60’s to mid 70’s. I really don’t have any complaints other than for some reason, my body thinks, “Hey, it’s nice outside. Perhaps now is a good time for me to make Jesse sneeze all the time and make him want to scratch his eyes out.” Right now, my body is in a full fledged allergy season mode. Which I find very strange, seeing as how there isn’t a single leaf on any of the trees and not one god damned flower in bloom.

Yesterday I didn’t have to work until 4:30 PM so I decided to go check out the local indoor climbing gym. Berkeley Iron Works is an outstanding facility and if i was a million billionaire, I would probably have a membership there. Maybe I haven’t completely adjusted to the fact that everything here in California costs more than it should. Regardless, I went climbing by myself and had so much fun. Unfortunately, my forearms and hands are so sore today, that I was having a hard time lifting my RedBull without trembling.

Last and certainly not least, I miss my family. I could use a hug from my dad, some encouraging words from my mom, a healthy pat on the bum from my brother, and a solid eye roll from my little sister.Photo taken by Kolby Schnelli Photography. (Check out Kolby's Flickr Photo Stream HERE)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

People These Days... Yikes

So if you know anything about me, you know that I love playing video games with my friends. Just about any video games that include some sort of multiplayer capability are the ones that I tend to lean towards but mostly the games in the Halo trilogy is where I have spent a majority of my nerd-dom.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some people online that I have played with and they have been really great guys and even girls... yes girls play video games... sometimes. But this morning, I found this video and believe that it’s gone a little too far in some peoples lives. Like, a little, way too far.

In other news that makes me say, “Really?!? You’re gonna cry about this?”

On January 22nd, there was a story about a couple of private girls high school basketball teams in Texas that had a blowout score of 100 - 0 on January 13th. (click HERE for article) Apparently, the whole crowd was into the game minus a few whiney parents who say that the winning team should have let up. It’s stated that there is no mercy rule in girls basketball, but "they should have played by the golden rule”. Golden rule? Don't tell me they're referring to the attitude of "Aww, now Jimmy, don't beat your little brother too badly at checkers, or he'll never want to play again." Get over it.

Later on in the article, “Renee Peloza (mother of a player on the losing team) said the coach and other parents praised the Dallas Academy girls for limiting Covenant to 12 points in the fourth quarter. She added that neither her daughter nor her teammates seemed to dwell on the loss.”

In another related article from the New York Times (found HERE), I found out that the head coach of the winning team who was stated as being “unapologetic” for the win, was fired. Now Covenant (the winning team) never answered if the coach was let go because of not being apologetic, but earlier they said that, “This (the coach’s email stating that he’s not apologetic for the win) clearly does not reflect a Christlike and honorable approach to competition.”

Now please tell me if I’m being a complete asshole here but last time I checked, competition is competition. It takes a great deal of honor and dignity to win and not be boastful, which the article says the winning team wasn’t. Equally, it takes a great deal of honor and dignity to not be a sore loser, which the article also states that the loosing team didn’t “dwell on the loss”.

So, congrats to Covenant for the amazing victory and better luck next time to Dallas Academy.

I wish I had more to tell you guys about my life and how amazing it is down here but lately I’ve been working and trying to get the loan thing figured out. It’s looking good, except that my loans from my Lane Community College back in Eugene are due for payment and I am figuring out how to defer those so I can pay them back later... say, when I actually have money.

However, I am very excited for February 20th. My good friend Michelle is flying in and Kendra and I are going to show her around town. I can’t wait. Hope all is well with everyone up north.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not So Sunny Santa Cruz

So yesterday we drove to Santa Cruz. Despite the weather being overcast and slightly drizzly at times, we had a really good time. We really didn’t have any goals while we were there mostly because we weren’t really sure what was going to be open. Even though the weather down here is tolerable t-shirt and jeans weather, most of the local attractions are shut down for the season. Surprisingly, most of the boardwalk in Santa Cruz was up and running with it’s roller coasters and silly haunted house. But the boardwalk itself was rather barren. Not a whole bunch of people hanging out. I imagine in the spring and summer months, it’s probably insane.

I threw together some clips and music for your viewing pleasure. Towards the end of the trip I made Kendra drive. She is a fantastic navigator and I figured it was time to let her shine behind the wheel but she wasn’t really happy with that decision... that I made for her.

One more thing, don’t forget to comment on these blog posts. You kids say you read them but you sure as hell ain’t calling me to tell me so. So leave a little NorthWest love for me on the blog. I miss everyone from home and think it’s about time for some visitation from up north.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

In Addition To Tuesday's Post

I feel sorta bad. In the huge mess of a blog that I wrote on Tuesday telling you guys of the amazing weekend I had I totally left out the fact that Kendra got a promotion at work. I was so jazzed about it when she told me. She actually got a text from her boss over the weekend we were up north, telling her that she needed to call him.

[edit] Basically the girl got a promotion.

The point I’m trying to make here is that Kendra is kicking ass and taking names and I’m very proud of her.

On top of that, I figured this would be an appropriate time to let you all know why my girlfriend is better than yours.

She bakes me cookies.

She feeds my addiction.

and most importantly, she’s my sugar momma. I seriously wouldn’t be able to survive so easily down here without her.

One more thing. Am I the only one who thought this was a funny sub-headline for the inaugural ball?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Delay, Wedding, Cancellation, Obama

First and foremost, I hope everyone that considers them self to be an American can truly understand and recognize that today was a historic day. One day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Barack Obama, was inaugurated to be the 44th president of the United States of America. Very exciting stuff indeed. I am excited to see what happens in the next few years and I feel blessed to be alive and witness history in the making. If you didn’t get a chance to see the inauguration speech, I found it on YouTube in two parts.

The speech isn’t long and I think that everyone should watch it and hear what our new president has to say.

Part One:

Part Two:

This last weekend was amazing. Like I said in the previous post, we went up north to the Portland area for Kendra’s big sister’s wedding. We had a 9:00AM flight and I figured that with traffic, check in, and the security check, that we should be there kind of early. So we woke up at 4:30AM and finished packing, grabbed some food, and hit the road to Oakland Airport.

Funny thing about traffic here in California at 5:30AM... there is none. So, our trip to the airport was very short. After all the usual preflight crap, we ended up finding out that our flight was delayed for about an hour. With this all taken into consideration, Kendra and I sat at the terminal for almost 3 hours waiting to board our plane. All I have to say is thank God for iPhones. We battled it out on a little puzzle game called Trism for a large portion of our delay.

Right when we got to PDX, we sat at a window that overlooked the Arrival Pick Up area while we waited for Justin and Jenae to pick us up. As you may know, it is strictly prohibited to leave your vehicle unattended at the Pick Up area. I saw this lady park, rush out of her mini-van, dash into the airport, and was hurrying back out to her car in less than a minute. I can only guess she needed to use the restroom. In this very short minute, an airport meter maid made her way to the front of this lady’s mini-van and started writing a ticket. Now keep in mind that I couldn’t actually hear what was being said but the expressions on the mini-van lady’s face were absolutely priceless. I could tell that she was completely dumbfounded that the meter maid caught her in less than a minute and while the meter maid was finishing up writing her ticket, her face went from, “No no no, you don’t need to write me a ticket, I was only using the restroom.” to “Un-F#@&ING-believable. I was only gone for a minute you wretched bitch. I bet you eat your young, huh?”

Honestly I felt bad for the mini-van lady but it goes to show that the airports mean it when they say, “Do Not Leave Vehicles Unattended”.

The first day we were in Portland we played it low key and took the time to relax and catch up with Justin and Jenae. They are renting a house from a friend of theirs that is outstanding. So outstanding in fact, that when you use the microwave, instead of it just beeping at you it plays a little tune to let you know that your tasty food is done being cooked.

Then came the wedding the next day. Jenae looked amazing and everything went off without a hitch... well, most everything. A little miscommunication with the DJ but other than that, it was awesome. I feel bad though. Jenae asked me if I could be in charge of the video recording of the wedding and I of course said yes. That morning I was having a hard time waking up so I downed not one, but two RedBulls followed by a cup of coffee. Some of the shots that I thought would be pretty cool came out pretty shaky because I was so cracked out from a caffeine overload. Hope my Final Cut Pro editing skills help me out on that one.

Later that night, after everything was winding down, I had a chance to meet a couple of Kendra’s high school friends. Honestly, I’m not sure a girl could ask for better friends. From what I’ve gathered, these boys haven’t seen her in almost a year or more and it’s like they had been hanging out the whole time. We met Cole, Trevor, Nick, and Mark at one of their friends penthouse condos in the Pearl District. His name was Darren and talk about an amazing place. Straight out of MTV Cribs and he’s a really nice guy to let us in his house and mingle.

After that the party moved right down the street to Aura where, because Darren knows the promoter pretty well, the bouncers let us in for free. The music was loud, the dance floor was packed, and everyone was having fun. Darren is the dude in the front with the green t-shirt on and Kendra and I are in the back. There are tons of pics of this party, and it seemed that Ian was in the background of almost every one of them. I guess he's pretty hard to miss. To make the night even better, my friend Michelle came out and met us. Kendra’s friend Cole worked his magic and got her in for free too. (She's the one being kissed by the blonde) 

I loved how one by one, each of Kendra's friends pulled me aside and said in a mildly inebriated  manor, "Ya know, Kendra's a good girl. An angel! You're a lucky guy, man. If she approves, I approve." Then proceeded to mention that her ex-boyfriend was a "Douche". Which is even funnier to me cause Kendra told me that they never even met him. My point is, I'm really glad that I finally got to meet these guys and hope to see them again real soon. (By the way, that's a hint to come visit us boys.)

The day after the wedding we hung out and enjoyed another low key day before heading back to the airport. We packed up and said our goodbyes then Ian drove us back to PDX. By the way, huge props to Ian for bringing me 6 bottles of my second favorite beverage in the entire world, Guayaki Organic Yerba Mate. I downed 3 of them while up in Portland and knew I wouldn’t be able to take them on the plane so I put them in the fridge to chill and then forgot all about them before I left. Thanks anyway, Ian.

We where basically already checked in and just had to drop off our only checked bag when we found out that our flight had been canceled. Not to worry but tell me if this makes sense, they rerouted us to Seattle then back down to Oakland. Not a huge deal, just thought it was strange. Either way, when we got to Seattle, they bumped us up to first class for the flight to Oakland. Pretty sweet... minus the old guy that asked us, “Do you feel lavish?” and when I said “No.” his reply was, “Well you should.” Like I was intruding on his magical and sacred first class territory that he actually paid extra for. What a tool.

I have video footage of most of the weekend and I'm sure I'll have something together by the end of the week so keep an eye open for that. Another thing that I thought was pretty cool is that my little brother is creative as all hell and is designing a few t-shirts that should be for sale very soon. Go check them out on his RedBubble page right HERE!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

He's From Oklahoma

Today Kendra and I are flying out of Oakland to go back up north. Her big sister is getting married. I’m really excited to see the family but it’s going to be weird going from the climate here to back to the frigid temperatures of my northern homeland.

For the past 3 days it’s been in the mid 70’s. I’m not one to really complain about fantastic weather but it’s a little strange to think this is only January. Some of the random people I’ve talked to say that they are afraid of the summer and what it might bring as far as having to "use water rations again". They say that California is still in a drought but I’m not seeing any signs of that. Then again, I wasn’t here during the summer for the last few years.

Just to the east of our apartment is Grizzly Peak Boulevard which is up on a huge hill.... well, huge for around here. I drove up there by myself to kill some time and couldn't believe the view. (above picture. Left: Thug Passion, Right: Jesse Tobler) I would have posted a pic but it was too late in the day and my sweet iPhone camera, or any camera for that matter, was unabl to take a pic with how bright the sun was.

This is were I introduce the second installment of what I like to call, Logically Sound. Now I’m not going to promise you that this will be coming out with every blog. Although, with the amount of people that California has crammed into such a small place, such as San Francisco, there really shouldn’t be a shortage of top notch citizens for me to capture for your viewing pleasure.

I had a particularly hard time deciphering and translating what this gentleman was trying to say. Especially right around the 1:22 mark of the video. He mentioned something about a “peh-die-nikul” and both, Google and Wikipedia were unable to give me a definition.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Butter On Toast

I want to start off and say that I had an amazing weekend. The weather had been outstanding so we made plans to go into the city on Saturday to the Haight Ashbury district. Haight Ashbury is basically a street, close to the Golden Gate Park, that’s full of trendy little hipster stores, tattoo and piercing shops, countless amounts of amazing cafes, restaurants, bars, and on just about every block are “medicinal marijuana” shops. It’s basically like 23rd Street or Hawthorne up in Portland, but bigger, with cooler shops, pseudo legalized weed, and more black people. 

However, we had a few unexpected detours. While down on Market Street, we decided to stop at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to scoop up a couple of our favorite beverages. On our walk there, we noticed helicopters in the air and motorcycle cops everywhere blocking traffic. After grabbing our beverages we walked down to see what all the hubbub was about and found out that it was a protest march for “Free Palestine”. Not a very happy group of people... and by group, I mean about 5,000 strong, holding banners and picket signs. Pretty crazy actually.

After waiting for this business to pass we jumped across the street and hung out at the Muni station. After waiting for our bus for almost 30 minutes, we decided to call the number that was posted at the stop to find out what was up with the delay. Turns out that all of the bus routes that were in the path of the “Free Palestine” protest march were shut down. So, we began our walk to a station that was still up and running. After a while I turned on the Flip Cam and blamed Kendra for everything. Then we decided to walk all the way to the Haight Ashbury. Which really isn’t all that bad except that it’s uphill... and it was hot.

We had so much fun down there and can’t wait to go back when we have more time. On the way out, I couldn’t resist and had to let my “inner thug” out. There were way too many amazing stoops calling my name to have a quick sit down and enjoy an alcoholic beverage in a paper bag. “When in rome” right?

After that was all over we figured that we should make use of the Muni station across the street. After waiting for 4 full busses to pass we got on and so did this interesting fellow in the video below. I can’t tell you how entertaining this man was. I actually have close to 15 minutes of footage and think I am going to make this a recurring segment on the blog. He had so many amazingly profound things to say that I truly was tearing up with laughter. I kinda felt bad for the young guy and girl that he was talking to but they handled him very well.

Enjoy, and remember, he likes butter on his toast.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Pimp Slaps and Pills

Oh my goodness. If you have ever had a problem getting enough sleep or keep waking up in the middle of the night, I highly recommend Tylenol PM. I slept for 11 hours straight and didn’t wake up once. I had the coolest and most in depth dreams I have had in years which makes me wonder what’s really in those glorious blue and white pills.

I’ve been working weird hours lately and which really isn't a problem seeing as how it’s really my only gig for now. On that note, there really hasn’t been anything terribly amazing happening other than we got our first piece of mail at the new place and I got my first Californian paycheck. Small as the check was and the single piece of mail was addressed to the anonymous tenants at our address, it kinda really solidified the fact that I actually live in California.

Dear God. How could I forget. Yesterday, I was just perusing the internets, when I couldn’t help but notice the sound of a lap dog being raped by an elephant outside my window. I looked down at the street and saw a large black woman producing the ungodly resonance. I realized that this would be a perfect moment to whip out my Flip Cam and take a few minutes of surveillance to share with you guys the amazingly entertaining displays of dysfunction that we witness out our very own windows.

It seemed to my eyes, that the gentleman on the right, (aka: dirty old bum) was harassing the large black woman, (aka: dirty fat bum). Then walks up this middle aged black man who wasn’t so dirty, (aka: possible pimp of the large black woman and assailant), this is where I started filming and well, the rest is in the video. Not very good quality cause it was shot at a distance with the zoom all the way up. My apologies for that, but I’m sure that you get the idea of the awesomeness that we are blessed with on a day to day basis here in the Bay Area.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Most Stressful 20 Minutes Of My Life

Let me start this story off with how NOT amazing my night of sleep was. Yesterday, I didn’t really have more than half a cup of coffee. No RedBull (I know, I know, crazy, right?) I had a great breakfast and ate a pretty decent dinner. For some ungodly reason, I didn’t get one wink of sleep last night. I actually couldn’t keep my eyes closed hardly at all. I tossed and turned for hours and eventually got up and checked the MySpace and FaceBook world, played some video games, and eventually went back to bed.

I ended up tossing and turning for another hour or so and moved to the floor. Not sure why I migrated down there. I mean, it’s a wood floor... how comfortable can a wood floor be? Turns out, that the wood floor is actually more uncomfortable than the bed. Regardless, I ended up spending the rest of the night down there watching the clock move closer and closer to 5:30am when my alarm would normally have woken me up for work. I couldn’t bare to hear the awful sound it creates, so I turned it off a minute before and just got up.

Work actually went pretty well. It was busy, I learned a few new things, and it was all around pretty productive. Coming to the end of the shift, I was seriously starting to feel the effects of no sleep for more than 24 hours. But when my shift was over, I was assigned to attend a special training class with a few of my co-workers. Not a huge deal. In fact, I was pretty excited to get some serious training so that I can at least fake my way through a conversation with a snooty specialty coffee drinking customer. The plan was for me to meet the other two co-workers back at work and we would carpool to the class which was located at the Vine Street store in Berkeley.

I left my apartment with tons of time to spare, but everything was working against me. I was lucky enough to hit every single red light on the way back to work and still make it there with some time to spare. “Oh, good”, a parking spot that isn’t just barely big enough to fit a Smart Car. I park, grab my bag and race in the store to meet my co-workers.

Wait, they’re no where to be found. I run to the back to ask my manager if they left with out me and of course they did. Apparently they won’t let you into these training classes, not even a second late. Which I’m okay with, cause that always annoyed me back when I attended school, to have the lazy ass kids come in late and disrupt my learning.

I roughly knew where this Vine Street store was so I raced back to my car to find out that some giant bucket of Summer’s Eve decided to park his Prius six God damned inches away from Thug Passion. If you know anything about Thug Passion, you’d know that her drivers’ side door lock is broken and can only be unlocked from the inside. Unfortunately, Captain Massengill was parked so close to me that I had to unlock the passenger side door, reach in and unlock the back door, open it up and try and crawl in. Here comes the best part of the story, right here. This Prius driving tampon had boxed my car in so tightly that not even my skinny ass could fit in the back door that I just tried to open. I had to unroll the back window, crawl in, and weasel my way to the driver’s seat.

“I’m in!” I thought to myself and started up the car, backed out, and started my breakneck journey to my class. Even then, there was a small inkling of hope that I might make it on time. As I was leaving the parking lot, I looked in my rear view mirror to discover that my bag had been left on my trunk and fell off when I accelerated. Luckily no one ran it over, so I backed up and retrieved the fallen soldier. I raced down the street named Shellmound to hopefully turn right up 65th when there was an Amtrak the length of the whole state of California crossing the street where I needed to cross.

I finally gave up and called my boss back and told her that it just wasn’t possible for me to make it in time. Thus concluding the most stressful 20 minutes of my life.

When I got back home I sat down and decided to take this picture. I haven’t felt this crappy in a long time. I’m not sick but I sure am on my way if I keep up this pseudo-insomnia. I think tonight I am going to have to resort to some sort of sleep aid, such as Tylenol PM... or Chloroform.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So... I made a list.

Things To Do On My Days Off (that don’t cost money):

  • - Go on a bike ride on the many bike trails around Berkeley
  • - Write another blog
  • - Explore the surrounding neighborhoods
  • - Clean the apartment
  • - Go harass the two strung out bums that seem to think that they need to sing and yell at the top of their crusty old lungs (possible videos to come)
  • - Give Thug Passion a bath
  • - Kendra says volunteer (fuck that)
  • - Play through the Halo Trilogy on my X-Box (laaaaaaaaaame)
  • - Drive to the ONLY Gold’s Gym in the East Bay to work out
  • - Try Yoga at the yoga shop up the road on Tuesdays (did my wiener just fall off)
  • - Walk up to the Berkeley campus, which is completely up hill and ride the longboard all the way back home and pray to God that - I hit all the green lights all the way down College Avenue

I can't express how happy I am (in words) that I have a job now. Perhaps, I've had a lapse in creativity, but I've resorted to having to make a list for my days off so I don't just sit around on my ass.

Been very busy with work lately, seems that I'm sort of the new guinea pig, for the way that they are training people now. Problem is, that it gets so damn busy there that when we start to do a little "peer training" session, we have to pause and take care of the customers. More often than not, we never actually get to do the training so I've kind of gotten to do a little here and there but basically just skip the actual training and I get a super summarized version of the training. Oh well... I guess. 

I wanted to apologize to each and everyone of you because I totally forgot to include a picture of our tiny tiny tiny bathroom in the post with all the pics of our new place. Deep down in my heart, I know how each and everyone of you were wondering what it looked like. So here it is.

I would have included the shower and the toilet in the picture but I was standing on top of them to take the photo. So just take that into account if you come to visit us and have to clean up or throw down the number two.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Don't Be A Scum Bag, It'll Make Me Not Like You

We finally are unpacked.... mostly. Still have a few boxes of random crap that we need to sort through but I had a chance to do a little decorating in the bedroom. The tree thing above the bed is actually a set of wall stickers from IKEA. They show it as kind or a sprawling design but I felt like posting them up in the design of a tree. More pictures will be up as soon as we find something to sit on. As of this very moment I am sitting on a Sterilite 3 drawer unit and Kendra is playing Tetris on her lovely iPhone sitting in a folding camping chair.

Some of you might recall that in the recent past, Kendra and I had been denied to live in a couple of different apartments for various reasons. Nothing bad, but denied none the less. Well the last of them was by a guy named Jon Favors. He is the owner of a musty, useless, probably a cover up to a weird underground child pornography ring, shop named, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. In fact, it’s located on the very street that we live on about 7 or 8 blocks south of us. This guy is a cheap, dirty, trashy, good for nothing asshole.

You might ask yourself, “Whoa Jesse, what’s with the harsh and slanderous names you’re calling this man?”

Well reader, first of all, thanks for asking. Secondly, this man Jon Favors denied us a chance to live in his little over priced crack in the wall studio because he didn’t feel comfortable letting a “couple” live there. Reason being, he only wanted to have a single person live there. Which is weird considering that he was going on and on about how the previous COUPLE lived there for a number of years. Here’s the kicker. When Kendra and I decided that his reason was kind of lame and I had a few questions for him about it, I thought I should call him and ask him if I could have a refund on our $40.00 check that we wrote him for a processing fee for our application. He told me that he actually had never cashed it and said that “Ya know what, I’ll just rip it up for you.”

Me, looking for any kind of cooperation from this burnt out old hippie, was surprised that he was willing to do that and actually even suggested it. So I took the bait and ran with it. I told Kendra the good news and we thought we had this wrinkly old ball sack out of our lives for good.

Fast forward to Friday, January 2nd, 2009. Kendra text messaged me after consulting her online banking, and told me that our good buddy Jon Favors decided to go ahead and cash our $40.00 check. We both understand that we willingly gave him a check for the said amount but last I heard, if you tell someone that you are going to do something (ie: rip up our check) and then you A) don’t do it and B) still go ahead and cash it anyway... that there is something shady about you.

So now that we are pretty much settled in our new place and loving it I am going to make my way down to the local underground child pornography ring (aka: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly) and talk to Jonny Boy. Wish me luck.

Oh, and P.S. :
Feel free to comment here on the blog. You don't have to have an account or anything. Just click the word comment below this sentence.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

10:29 pm.... Happy New Year?

Have you ever been so busy with everyday life and felt so exhausted that you could barely stand on your own two feet by 6pm? Have you been so overwhelmed with this said feeling but been completely okay with it because you are having so much fun and things are finally going your way. Ya well, that’s kind of what it’s been like for me for the past two nights. As I have previously mentioned, I actually started work and even though it’s only a minimum wage job for now, I feel way better about life. On top of that Kendra and I spent our whole New Years Eve moving. [above photo: yes. yes that is my furniture strapped to the top of Thug Passion]

From Bay Street (our old place) to College Ave (our new place) is really only 3.8 miles according to Google Maps but we made that trip 5 times.... round trip. Yeah, even then, 38 miles doesn’t sound like that much but when you are moving stuff from up a couple flights of stairs to Thug Passion, down the ghetto streets between the two nicer neighborhoods filled with crack heads, reeeeeeeeally fat people slowly rolling through the cross walks, and cops accompanied by C.S.I. units you really try and take your time to soak it all in.

You have to keep in mind that I absolutely loathe having to move. Which is really strange considering the fact that I really don’t like staying in one spot for a long time. All things considered, this was actually a very good move. Not only is it our own place but it’s the first time that I have moved into a house with the hopes of it being a clean and nice place to come home to from work and I won’t have those hopes and dreams shattered by all my bachelor house mates (no offense, you know I love each and every one of you boys).

On top of it being a good move, we also recorded just about every minute of the 38 mile trek. Sooner than later I’m going to try and piece together something for your viewing pleasure. I’m not going to promise any real entertainment value but you will kind of get a glimpse into our lives and how we interact with each other. Basically, Kendra tells me stories and I sit there and crack really bad jokes about them or swear at asshole drivers and/or pedestrians.

On another note December 31st, around 11:57pm, I’m sure about 98% of the partially, if not, then fully inebriated world was warming up their vocal cords to slur through their version of Auld Lang Syne, Kendra and I were fast asleep. That’s right, we passed out right around 10:30. The whole waking up at 6am, moving all day, not eating any food until 7pm and washing it down with a few vodka crans to celebrate the new place, really makes for a sleepy couple of lame asses right around that time. Honestly, I think we both had enough fun for a greater part of the continental U.S. last New Years Eve. If you don’t believe me, check the MySpace or Facebook and look at the Polaroid Picture party for N.Y.E. ‘07-’08. (p.s. thank you once again to all of those who attended and tolerated)

Not much else to report that’s really worth typing up. So I leave you all with photos of the new place. Not really top notch but we really like it and are very excited to be here and even more excited for our friends and family to come here and stay with us. Just call us and we’ll figure something out.

[ Our bedroom ]

[ Looking from our bedroom into our living room ]

[ In the living room, that's the bedroom on the left ]

[ The tiny kitchen, with tiny counter, tiny shelves and tiny stove ]