Thursday, March 5, 2009

No need for Bromance

As of late, I’ve been having serious friend and family withdraws. There’s just something about having those friends of yours that you can call up, have come over to your place and do absolutely nothing. You can even just sit and watch television, and I don’t even like watching tv. But having that companionship of someone that you’ve known for years and years sitting there in the same room is comforting.

You know you’ve reached that point with someone when, as silly and cliche as it sounds, you are finishing each others sentences and thoughts. Even when you see 450 pound woman rolling along on her motorized scooter, you know exactly what the other person is thinking and you don’t even have to say it.

I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied with the things that I used to do at home such as working out, rock climbing, bike riding, and yes, even video games. But all of these things are the things that I used to do with my friends and family. So it’s just been a constant reminder of the fun times that I have had with those people in my life.

I would also like to make something very clear. Kendra and I have tons of fun together here, but that tends to be only on the weekends because she is exhausted from work and I usually work the afternoon shift and don’t get home till 10pm.

I think I just need some “bro time”. For those of you who have never experienced bro time, due to the fact that you are:

a) A female, or
b) A loser with no friends.

You should probably do your best and log in some serious bro time. Some fine examples of bro time include:
  • Running and jumping up to touch stuff
  • Laughing when old people trip
  • Pumping iron
  • Urinating while standing up
  • Eating steak
Things that are not considered bro time and are actually prohibited from bro time:
  • Knitting and quilt making
  • The sharing of personal grooming of any kind
  • Hanging out in a dressing room in a department store
The point that I am trying to make here is that I miss my friends and family. As cool as it is being in a new place and getting absolutely raped by bills constantly while working a minimum wage job, I truly miss being comfortable.

I understand that things are going to get better, sooner than later I hope. So if you feel so inclined, make a trip here and gimme that very needed bro hug and lets do something manly like throw a ball, chop some wood, or even climb something.

(Pictured, man made wall underneath an overpass. Perfect for bouldering)


Jane said...

Well luckily two of the best bros are comin down in a few weeks! We all miss you JesseTobler.

Beau Tobler said...

Oh Brother good to know you have a conscience. I miss you loads it's never the same here. Who will go to Papa's Soul Food with me now? Anyways I miss you too and that your beard thingy makes you look like "Mirror Universe Evil Jesse". So totally Awesome. Oh and ALGEBRAIC!!!

Cody B said...

patience my son, I'm coming

rytobler said...

Hey Jess....

Bear G. is coming to Eugene for some kind of event. Your dad is stoked. Call him. Hey... did you come up with Bromance? Even if you didn't I think it's funny.