Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving of Lasagne

If you have never been to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, I highly recommend it. Unfortunately for us, it is currently under construction or maintenance rather. And good thing there was a swarm of friendly shwing-shwongs (I love you Dunny Buns) there with us too otherwise we wouldn’t have had anyone to take our picture for us. But really, by the bus load I tell ya.

As everyone may know, and if you didn’t you should probably check your calendar cause yesterday was Thanksgiving in America. I really hope that the general population today doesn’t need a special holiday of slaving in the kitchen to realize what they should be thankful for. But I can say that I appreciate the copious amounts of delicious food.

However, this year was a little different. There was no extended family and really no friends. It was just Kendra and I and we had lots of fun actually. We came to the conclusion that cooking a turkey and all the trimmings wasn’t really a great idea for two people especially since she is a vegetarian. So we made a delicious lasagne and some salads.

Don’t worry, we had pumpkin pie too. I don’t care if there is a pumpkin famine and p. pies were $1000.00 each, I will have my p. pie son!!!

We really had fun and it was a new experience for the both of us. Aside from having absolutely nothing to do after our Thanksgiving dinner due to everything in the world being closed other than Wal-Mart, I think we did just fine. I really hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and got to hang out with the fam and friends and we both can not wait for Christmas to be here so we can see everyone.

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