Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Night at the movies... or not

A night at the movies sounded like a great idea and a good change of pace for this holiday weekend. We weighed our options and decided to go see Twilight. I thought this was going to be a great movie cause all I remember from the trailer I saw a couple of months ago was some slender chicks and dudes dashing about in a forest with the speed of a gazelle on about a pound of cocaine.

I have only walked out of two movies in my life. One being Garfield: The Movie and the other, more recent, Twilight. Somewhere along the lines, Kendra and I missed the memo about how this movie was geared toward the demographic of 13-16 year old girls.

After 25 grueling and agonizing minutes of terrible acting and way too much white powder make up we decided to leave the theater and walk back home to try and get the headed in the right direction. Which is code for a few shots of vodka.

Mountaine, If you are reading this, the answer is yes. Yes it is Popov Vodka.

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Beau Tobler said...

WHAT you didn't know that movie was aimed at teens? Oh man that must have been terrible. I'm so Sorry you should have called for a recommendation.