Monday, June 28, 2010

Running On Fumes

Lately I've been so busy and stressed that I have done all of the following in the past week:

  • Stayed up for more than 48 hours continuously while editing and burning projects to DVD's.
  • Found out that my DVD burner and or DVD program is on the fritz.
  • Nearly pulled out all my hair trying to figure out where all the memory on my MacBook Pro keeps going. It's only 150GB hard drive but I'm very organized and it seems that it's constantly full and I'm not sure why.
  • Had my time and effort volunteered to help out with editing a video project I didn't shoot that nearly ended in disaster due to the aforementioned computer problems.

And all of this while working a 45 hour week at my regular job and being constantly attacked by a bombardment of seasonal allergies.

Aside from being stressed and running on fumes, this last weekend I went with Kendra and two of my good friends Mike and Fletcher to Blair Lake and camped overnight. Needless to say, a case of assorted micro brews and a midnight trip to a nearby natural hot spring is exactly what I needed to recharge for the rest of the week I have ahead of me.

Blair Lake at dawn.

Fletcher pumping Mike full of Giardia.

A peek over the edge of Hell Hole. 200ft straight down.

Our hike out from Hell Hole, we stumbled upon a scene from Lord of the Rings.

Mike decorating the forest.

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