Monday, June 28, 2010

*tear* A Dream Come True

Thanks to my friend Curt ( I have been given the opportunity to help a company he works for called Push Play Productions. They were in need of another camera operator and Curt gave me a call. I was thinking that I was going to be using one of their cameras, which is always a joy to use a nice camera but I knew that they didn't own anything extraordinary or anything that I haven't had the opportunity to work with before.

So when I got to the location and saw what cameras we got to work with I nearly wet myself. I had my hands on a Panasonic AG-HPX 500 all day and it was really hard to not smile the whole time. Never really been a part of a real production and it was so much fun. Below I included a picture of the camera I used and YES, I purposefully left the price tag visible.

Best part about this situation is, that I get to go back for three more days of playing with this camera.


Kendra said...

lots to be grateful for! working hard and it will all payoff soon. xo

Pleasant Hill Billy said...

SWEET RIG, Show 'em your dedicated and able to produce what they are lookin' for and I am sure you'll be welcomed back. Maybe longer next time.

Good Luck