Monday, August 16, 2010

AT&T Wireless = Hot Salty Garbage

I've absolutely had it with AT&T. I'm a mac user and love my iPhone but I find it a damn shame that Apple decided to go with a company that can't even come close to being able to support the iPhone to it's fullest potential.

For the non-iPhone users out there, imagine this... being able to send pictures from your cellular device via MMS or text message. Sound incredible? Well it's not, it's everyday common practice with all wireless providers and devices. The joke of a wireless provider AT&T, was unable to handle the data load with the iPhone and iPhone users couldn't send MMS/text pictures when the phone first came out. Keep in mind that any other phone on the market with any other wireless provider was able to do the same thing for YEARS!

On a regular basis, I receive and make about 5-10 calls a day. Granted there are those days that no one calls me and I don't even look at my phone but on the average, about 5-10 a day. Out of those 5-10 calls a day, roughly 3-7 of them are dropped and cut short due to poor reception. You can imagine how incredibly frustrating this can be.

The worst part about all this is that I pay $166.00 a month (Family plan with 2 separate iPhones) and can't hold a call in my own house without stepping outside to my front yard. I could go on and on about all the crap I've had to go through to make a call or reconnect a call but I'm completely over it. I love my iPhone but my contract with AT&T is over in October and if I don't get a normal English speaking human being on other end of the line when I call AT&T to bitch and complain about how big of balls they suck... I'm going to get a prepaid phone and wait for another carrier to take on the iPhone.

So on that note I would like to leave you with my final words for AT&T Wireless.

Dear AT&T Wireless,

  • Your service is one of the worst I've ever experienced and I would rather have the body odor that smells like the the inside of an old wooden leg than sign another contract with you.

  • I have more dropped calls than completed calls which makes me want to head butt your eyes shut.

  • You claim that you have the largest 3G network. But it seems that along the Interstate 5 corridor that passes through the biggest and most populated city in Oregon (Portland) I still manage to be stuck on your archaic and slow "Edge Network" and proceed to have even more trouble keeping calls connected. And for that, if I ever find out where your headquarters are, I'll be sure to either urinate on your front door or mail you a box of feces.
Thanks for wasting my time, frustrating the hell out me, and over all, providing terrible service.

Suck my ass you laughable excuse for a company,

Jesse E Tobler


Anonymous said...

Chief, I hear ya. I am not an iPhone user but friends of mine that are are looking toward Sprint, or Verizon and looking at replacing their iPhones with the new and fully active HTC phones. I have a AT-n-T Quick fire (with the most worthless touch screen ever) and I am looking to replace it with a HTC Aria, or maybe a Blackberry Torch. Very comparable to the iPhone, but really all I wanna do is call and text.

rytobler said...

So tell us how you really feel! Wow that was quite a tirade. Well thought out and witty to boot. I give it an A+ for sincerity.

Brandie said...

I just came across your blog- you crack me up! What sucks even more is that I moved from Austin, TX to Maui, Hawaii and the reception on this island is terrible!
Funny- I can be on a boat and not lose a call but driving around....dropping all over the place. Love your letter to AT&T, if you need extra signers on that count me in!