Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pronounced: [muhs-tash]

If you have experienced any serious disappointment in the past week or so, then you'll know exactly how I feel right now. 

Since I have moved down to the bay area I have been a little bit more lackadaisical about keeping the facial hair to a minimum. I'm not sure if it's because I'm almost 27 and finally hit puberty or if it's just good old fashion laziness.

Regardless, I had, what some people would call, a beard... ish... sorta thing attached to my face and I decided to shave it all but the upper lip region, thus creating a whole new level of manliness, known as the "Mustache"

Well, I really thought it would be funny to wear the mustache to work and get some funny looks and/or comments. Much to my dismay, I hardly received a second glance. Aside from two of my co-workers, Miyuki and Sammy, I was not on the butt end of any inappropriate child molestation jokes or clever jabs at how I should be riding in my 1986 T-Topped Camaro, blasting Journey as if Steve Perry were in my passenger seat.

Yet, even in the face of adversity, I am still bearing this banner of manhood in hopes that someone will look up at me and say, "Now there, there is a man with a story to tell."


Dustin said...

Man that mustache makes you bangin hot!

Beau Tobler said...

Silly Jesse Tobler thinks a Mustache will win him a couple laughs in a big city like San Fransisco. Jesse ya gotta realize people in a big city are more highly evolved that our backwater town of Springfield Orygon. Poop jokes and molestation jokes along with the a good ol' dick joke just aren't funny to them because we use those jokes to feel better about the fact that Shit and Molestation happen here in Springfield. Your in the big leagues now, I think it's time to break out the Race jokes. Howa'bout in stead of looking like a molester go to work in blackface. Give it a shot I sure you'd get a reaction then.

Michelle said...

with that mustache, there will be a lot more lap sitting than normal and you will probably answer most questions with a story.

rytobler said...

Hey now that's funny. I'm not sure who you look like though...It seems vaguely familiar. Hmmmm maybe it's what I'll look like when I am an old lady growing whiskers.