Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some Seriously Needed Friends & Family Time

Clearly I haven't been keeping up with this blog for the past couple weeks. In my defense, these last couple of weeks have been rather busy with friends and family. I had so much fun with everyone here and couldn't believe how fast it went. Also, I knew I needed to see everyone for my own sanity but I really don't think everyone stayed long enough cause I'm right back on that razors edge of teetering over to craziness. So if you don't mind, everyone, come back very very very soon.

I'm not going to be writing much about anything other than just describing the barrage of photos I'm going to be cramming into this post. So please enjoy and I hope to have videos up soon cause I definitely used my Flip Cam more than taking photos.

First things first. These two lovely ladies, Kellie and Alisa (left and right), took us out to a fantastic sake bar called Ace Wasabi, in the marina district. Not only did I drink my very first Sake

Bomb I was

 also sitting next to Tory Belleci, one of the newer guys from MythBusters on Discovery Channel. Pretty sweet... I guess if you're a nerd like me. I unfortunately didn't have the balls to ask for an autograph or even say hi. Not really my style I suppose. As for Sake, I was totally expecting something with more of a burn like a mix between wiskey and vodka and after about seven shots I decided to break out the iPhone and look up the average alcohol content of Sake. Yeah, right around the same as a bottle of wine. 
The next evening my mom, brother, and sister showed up. I couldn't have been more excited to see them. Not only was it great to get some well needed hugs from the family, they brought a real bed, a couch, my carpets, and all my camping gear that I had in storage up in Eugene. 

I tried to take my family to all the touristy places and show them what everyone should see while in San Francisco. We made it to the Golden Gate Bridge and chilled down at Pier 39 for a while. I personally don't have very many pics of my family because I forgot my camera and all of them had cameras. I suppose I should have been a little bit more proactive in asking for the photos via email or something before I wrote this. Damn. 

Either way, we had a blast. My mom tolerated her boys swearing like sailors, my big city driving, and everyone poking fun at everyone. It was like I never left. 
Then Monday rolled around and even more guests showed up. Ian (Kendra's younger brother), Cody (friend, old co-worker), and Jane a.k.a. Janice (friend and Ian's lovely girlfriend) rolled in and it was time to RAGE!

We strolled around the city, back to Pier 39, some of the really expensive designer stores, all over and around the San Francisco Zoo, back to the city for more strolling all with Ian hobbling around on a broken big toe. Let's just say, I wasn't kidding about the RAGE part. Our first night all together was fueled with alcohol, longboarding, and Ian deciding to go into a full out sprint and kicking a curb. Not to mention he just crashed on his longboard and acquired some amazing road rash, including on his ear. Silly Schmian.

[left: Ian and Kendra with matching scarfs.]

[right: Kendra and Jesse looking sexy in the city... duh]

[left: Cody & Ian riding a big furry tractor]

[right: Jesse double fisting the best thing to come out of mexico... Churros]

[left: Giraffes at the SF Zoo. My new favorite animal]

[right: Two pasty white kids smooching]

I had so much fun with everyone here and I can't wait for everyone to come back. I hope it's sooner rather than later but I think we'll have to make a trip up there to grab a breath of fresh Oregon air. 

[EDIT: I nearly forgot, and with a polite reminder, before anyone even showed up my friends Kolby and Allison showed up at my work disguised behind newspapers and visited for a brief moment. Unfortunately it was super busy and I could only get out and take this photo with Kolby with a quick round of hugs. Love ya guys.]


Kendra said...

Everyone loves a little San Fran mixed with J & K.

Uncle "E" said...

Hay Nef-U,
Levi is down in SFO this week starting Thursday, and leaving Sunday. He will be at the Embasy (I think) Text him maybe you all could meet. He is with the Choir group, they are going to sing at a park (amuzement) Great America, and then they are going to Alcatraz.