Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sunny Days In The City

Thanks to the sun and a good bit of driving, my left arm is now nearly burnt to a crisp and my right arm is still pasty white as ever. But you won't find me complaining any more than that, because any amount of vitamin D introduced to my life is more than welcomed.

Today we decided to head out and do our best to find an energy drink suggested to us by a Jean Aw of NOTCOT. The energy drink is called Rubyy. And yes, I know that there is an extra "y" at the end. We drove all around and finally found our prize at a really nice deli in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco. 

After driving more and enjoying our chilled beverages, we decided to navigate our way up to Coit Tower. We both haven't ever been and figured it was about time. The view was outstanding, but being the cheap bastard that I've become, I quickly vetoed the $5.00 admission to walk up the stairs to go to the top of the tower. The view from the small park the tower sits on was breath taking enough. At the bottom of this post is a quick little photomerge of the actual tower. 

Trying to take full advantage of the sunny day we found ourselves sipping on iced coffee and eating a delicious couple slices of pizza, while lying in the grass of Washington Square Park. Couldn't really ask for a much better day. 

Trying to keep up on my P90X workout and it's seriously kicking my ass. I'd like to consider myself someone that is relatively fit, but this program has shown me muscles that I didn't know really existed. Honestly though, I can't wait to have most of the DVD's somewhat memorized so I can turn the tv to mute so I don't have to listen to that tool of a host named Tony Horton.


Hannah said...

Pizza?! I don't think that's in Mr. Horton's plans for you.

Michelle said...

i like your dirty chin beard :-)