Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hey! If you're hiring, call me... please.

So like I said, I dominated the first interview and had a second one to go to the very next day. Well, once again, I ruled that one as well. Here’s where the problem comes in. They told me, “I think you should work here.” What the hell is that supposed to mean? They told me they were going to call me that very day of my second interview and if not it would be the first thing the next morning.

Yeah well, nothing so far. Kinda bummed but honestly I can’t let it get to me too much. I’ve just been continuing my search for employment and hope something comes up real quick.

Lately, Kendra and I have been trying our hand at cooking our own meals and it’s actually really fun. Our first meal was actually awesome. We made a Pad Thai and it was bomb. Yes, I said bomb. Although we made a ridiculous amount of noodles and are in desperate need of a few more pans or maybe just one bigger one... and some tupperware. The only mishap we have had was with the split pea soup. We still ate it but it was a little... well, a lot burnt. Nothing a butt-load of salt and pepper couldn’t cover up.

This weekend was a very relaxed one. We started watching the BBC series, Planet Earth which is unbelievable. We have a seriously shitty TV and have it playing on my Xbox 360 and the picture quality is unreal. Having minimal experience in working with video cameras, it boggles my mind at how they have achieved most of the shots in the show. Other than that we grabbed a bottle of this really cool vodka from Trader Joe’s and made a few drinks this weekend. It's called 360 Vodka. It had a really cool old fashioned cap and actually finishes pretty smooth... well, smooth for vodka.

The weather down here is amazing. Winter is kind of like the beginning of fall in Eugene. I’m curious to see what the summer will be like. Please Jesus, I hope I have a job by then.

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John H. said...

LOL. Funny thing is I had that exact same vodka last weekend. It's not too shabby. I think it's a sign.