Thursday, December 18, 2008

Something is burning

For those of you that didn’t hear, I decided to tidy up the kitchen and do the dishes. I had finished and was in the middle of filling out some paperwork when the house started to smell like the inside of a concentration camp. At first I was stricken with panic. I thought, “FIRE!” but then realized the only thing actually powered on in the house was the dishwasher. I quickly ran over to the dishwasher and when I opened it I was greeted by a face full of hot steam and smoke. After I let the cloud clear, I realized that a plastic spatula had worked it’s way down to the very bottom of the dishwasher and landed on the heating coil, which warms the water. As you can see, the heating coil means business and it would seem that it gets extraordinarily hot. It melted the poor spatula right in half and the house has ever since smelled like the inside of a wooden leg. Thank you Whirlpool.

I’m sure that I have experienced this before but I can’t remember it ever being this drastic. It seems that life will push you until you until you are just about to crack. Right to the point where you are just about to give up. Then life slaps you in the face with exactly what you are looking for just in the nick of time. Well, I was there and I seriously couldn’t tell you how pumped I was to finally get a call from someone offering me a job. But this morning, I got another call from a different possible employer offering me a job. So what’s the opposite of the saying, “When it rains, it pours”? Whatever, I’m just happy to have a job and finally get my life started down here.

On a completely different note, possibly by the end of the week we will have a P.O. Box. When I find out what the actual address is, I’ll be sure to let you guys know so you can send us letters and the old fashioned way. Drenched in perfumes or full of cash. Which ever you prefer.

We still haven’t gotten a call from our latest rental application and we are starting to get worried.... again. I just hope that this little string of good luck is going to last us until we get an apartment. Otherwise we will be annoying the hell out of our families this upcoming week because the both of us will be glued to CraigsList trying to land an apartment.

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rytobler said...

Hey you make your momma proud..doin' the dishes and all, even if you started a fire. HA. Drive xtra xtra safe on your way up north...can't wait to see you two.