Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Think I left A Little Out.

Consider this a part deux of the last blog. After sleeping on it, I felt like I left a lot out. Plus there’s new crap to inform you kids about in my cuh-raaaaaa-zeeee life.

So when we got all settled in we kind of realized that we had a huge week in front of us. Kendra went to work and guess what... SO DID I!!! I was really stoked to get started. My first day at Peet's Coffee was pretty straight forward. The usual mumbo jumbo but I got to do my first coffee tasting. Just picture a bunch of winos sitting around making up silly words and putting them into sentences about coffee instead of wine. I’m learning a lot but after today, I think I need to take a break from the caffeine. I was so jacked up on caffeine yesterday that I woke up with a hang over this morning and today I did a tea tasting and had a cup of super tea. I accidently brewed my personal cup of tea way too long and made it a super tea and I was dying at work. I probably looked like a crack addict on the verge of throwing down HJ’s for their fix.

Part of our huge week thus far was getting our keys to the new apartment which included us forking over $2000 for a security deposit for our new place on top of the first months rent at $1100. That’s right kids, I said $1100 a month. You might be thinking, “Daaaaaaaamn, they must live in a castle made with gold bricks surrounded by a mote filled with grape soda. P-I-M-P

Umm, yeah... not so much. It’s a small one bedroom with a tiny kitchen and a medium sized bathroom. It does have a ton of closet space and I’ll be sure to put some pics up of it before we really move in. There is a bus stop right out our front door and we live right above a sushi bar, as I might have mentioned in a previous post. It’s in a really amazing location. We have everything we need with in walking distance and everything else we could ever want is no more than 10 minutes down the road either direction. Including a Volcom store. Oh dear gawd!

Needless to say, we are super pumped and on top of that, we got a sweet designer custom made key for the front door. SNOW WHITE SUCKA!!!!

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