Tuesday, December 16, 2008

In regards to my P.S.

So that was interesting. While posting the last blog post, I happened to notice this dude who walked in and kinda didn’t look like he was interested in buying coffee from the cafe I was at. He walked back and forth in the lobby a couple of times and then left.

About 10 minutes later he happened to show up right in front of me and I payed him no mind. I just assumed that he was waiting for a ride or someone else to show up.


That ballsy asshole walked over to a gentleman who was sitting to my left and snatched his laptop and bolted out the door. Without thinking I reached for him as he ran past me but only barely even touched the back of his shirt. The gentleman then ran out the door chasing him and I wasn’t really sure what to do. I have had enough of my personal things stolen to where I wasn’t about to help run down this jerk off and leave my own computer laying there for anyone to snatch up for themselves. So I just gathered up the victims laptop power cord and wrapped it up for him and put it with the rest of his stuff.

I hadn’t noticed but the manager of the cafe had bolted out the back to try and head off the thief. She came back through the front door and asked if anyone could I.D. the thief and everyone around nodded. Just so happens that a police officer from the Oakland Police Department later came over to me and asked me if I would go with him in his car and I.D. the thief and give a statement. Hence the picture. The cop had a ton of stuff in his front passenger seat and asked if I minded sitting in the back and I of course replied “Heck no I don’t mind.” I mean who doesn’t want to have the chance to sit in the back of a cop car and not actually be in trouble. Makes you feel like a bad ass.... right?

So we drove over to the makeshift line up and I I.D.’d the thief and gave my statement from the back of the cop car. It was basically rad and just the excitement that I needed in my life to take my mind off of my own stress.

And yes mom, the cops in Oakland have AR-15’s in their cars too. I told him how excited you were to get yours up at EPD.

I know that last post was terribly dreadful but in all honesty, that’s how things have been going here. During the day I’ve been searching for jobs and places to live but it seems that the weekends when Kendra is home is when the fun happens. So don’t think that I’m slipping into this downward spiral of depression. Things are tough for everybody and I realize that now and am willing to do what it takes to make it through this crappy economy.

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Beau Tobler said...

Holy Handcuffs Batman! Wow that is a freaking awesome adventure brohiem.