Sunday, January 4, 2009

Don't Be A Scum Bag, It'll Make Me Not Like You

We finally are unpacked.... mostly. Still have a few boxes of random crap that we need to sort through but I had a chance to do a little decorating in the bedroom. The tree thing above the bed is actually a set of wall stickers from IKEA. They show it as kind or a sprawling design but I felt like posting them up in the design of a tree. More pictures will be up as soon as we find something to sit on. As of this very moment I am sitting on a Sterilite 3 drawer unit and Kendra is playing Tetris on her lovely iPhone sitting in a folding camping chair.

Some of you might recall that in the recent past, Kendra and I had been denied to live in a couple of different apartments for various reasons. Nothing bad, but denied none the less. Well the last of them was by a guy named Jon Favors. He is the owner of a musty, useless, probably a cover up to a weird underground child pornography ring, shop named, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly. In fact, it’s located on the very street that we live on about 7 or 8 blocks south of us. This guy is a cheap, dirty, trashy, good for nothing asshole.

You might ask yourself, “Whoa Jesse, what’s with the harsh and slanderous names you’re calling this man?”

Well reader, first of all, thanks for asking. Secondly, this man Jon Favors denied us a chance to live in his little over priced crack in the wall studio because he didn’t feel comfortable letting a “couple” live there. Reason being, he only wanted to have a single person live there. Which is weird considering that he was going on and on about how the previous COUPLE lived there for a number of years. Here’s the kicker. When Kendra and I decided that his reason was kind of lame and I had a few questions for him about it, I thought I should call him and ask him if I could have a refund on our $40.00 check that we wrote him for a processing fee for our application. He told me that he actually had never cashed it and said that “Ya know what, I’ll just rip it up for you.”

Me, looking for any kind of cooperation from this burnt out old hippie, was surprised that he was willing to do that and actually even suggested it. So I took the bait and ran with it. I told Kendra the good news and we thought we had this wrinkly old ball sack out of our lives for good.

Fast forward to Friday, January 2nd, 2009. Kendra text messaged me after consulting her online banking, and told me that our good buddy Jon Favors decided to go ahead and cash our $40.00 check. We both understand that we willingly gave him a check for the said amount but last I heard, if you tell someone that you are going to do something (ie: rip up our check) and then you A) don’t do it and B) still go ahead and cash it anyway... that there is something shady about you.

So now that we are pretty much settled in our new place and loving it I am going to make my way down to the local underground child pornography ring (aka: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly) and talk to Jonny Boy. Wish me luck.

Oh, and P.S. :
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Michelle said...

i'm leaving a comment because you told me to. What a fuck ripping you off for $40!! i'll buy you guys a nice bottle of....whatever you like to drink....when i come down to see you!!!

Anonymous said...

the decorating in the bedroom looks great Jess. It's good to hear that you and Kendra are finaly setteling in. Miss you.

Beau Tobler said...

Don't get stabbed. Please.

Tyler Schnelli said...

im with beau take your gat so you can show a fool how we rep in Oregon!!! even tho i live in cali too haha.
take care man miss you
lets hang soon

David said...

Break his knee caps!

rytobler said...

Hey That's my boy....making lists. Sorry but I forgot to tell you it is an inherited trait. It kind of feeds that type "A" personality not to mention you can get a butt load of stuff done.

By the way.... I like the decal tree design.

Miss you guys
The Mom