Thursday, January 15, 2009

He's From Oklahoma

Today Kendra and I are flying out of Oakland to go back up north. Her big sister is getting married. I’m really excited to see the family but it’s going to be weird going from the climate here to back to the frigid temperatures of my northern homeland.

For the past 3 days it’s been in the mid 70’s. I’m not one to really complain about fantastic weather but it’s a little strange to think this is only January. Some of the random people I’ve talked to say that they are afraid of the summer and what it might bring as far as having to "use water rations again". They say that California is still in a drought but I’m not seeing any signs of that. Then again, I wasn’t here during the summer for the last few years.

Just to the east of our apartment is Grizzly Peak Boulevard which is up on a huge hill.... well, huge for around here. I drove up there by myself to kill some time and couldn't believe the view. (above picture. Left: Thug Passion, Right: Jesse Tobler) I would have posted a pic but it was too late in the day and my sweet iPhone camera, or any camera for that matter, was unabl to take a pic with how bright the sun was.

This is were I introduce the second installment of what I like to call, Logically Sound. Now I’m not going to promise you that this will be coming out with every blog. Although, with the amount of people that California has crammed into such a small place, such as San Francisco, there really shouldn’t be a shortage of top notch citizens for me to capture for your viewing pleasure.

I had a particularly hard time deciphering and translating what this gentleman was trying to say. Especially right around the 1:22 mark of the video. He mentioned something about a “peh-die-nikul” and both, Google and Wikipedia were unable to give me a definition.



Beau Tobler said...

I think he's trying to say "I don't Want no petty dime or nickle." He talking about money at that time so it seems that could be what he's saying.

Jesse Tobler said...

Hey thanx champ. But your sis already informed me of what he actually is saying.

courtney said...

That guy is great. He reminds me of Jimmy Gibberish ( and Rack Em Rack Willie ( from the Damn Show.

Katie said...

I Love Logically Sound!!! It May Be The Funniest Thing That i have Ever Watched!! For Real It's Amazing!!!