Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So... I made a list.

Things To Do On My Days Off (that don’t cost money):

  • - Go on a bike ride on the many bike trails around Berkeley
  • - Write another blog
  • - Explore the surrounding neighborhoods
  • - Clean the apartment
  • - Go harass the two strung out bums that seem to think that they need to sing and yell at the top of their crusty old lungs (possible videos to come)
  • - Give Thug Passion a bath
  • - Kendra says volunteer (fuck that)
  • - Play through the Halo Trilogy on my X-Box (laaaaaaaaaame)
  • - Drive to the ONLY Gold’s Gym in the East Bay to work out
  • - Try Yoga at the yoga shop up the road on Tuesdays (did my wiener just fall off)
  • - Walk up to the Berkeley campus, which is completely up hill and ride the longboard all the way back home and pray to God that - I hit all the green lights all the way down College Avenue

I can't express how happy I am (in words) that I have a job now. Perhaps, I've had a lapse in creativity, but I've resorted to having to make a list for my days off so I don't just sit around on my ass.

Been very busy with work lately, seems that I'm sort of the new guinea pig, for the way that they are training people now. Problem is, that it gets so damn busy there that when we start to do a little "peer training" session, we have to pause and take care of the customers. More often than not, we never actually get to do the training so I've kind of gotten to do a little here and there but basically just skip the actual training and I get a super summarized version of the training. Oh well... I guess. 

I wanted to apologize to each and everyone of you because I totally forgot to include a picture of our tiny tiny tiny bathroom in the post with all the pics of our new place. Deep down in my heart, I know how each and everyone of you were wondering what it looked like. So here it is.

I would have included the shower and the toilet in the picture but I was standing on top of them to take the photo. So just take that into account if you come to visit us and have to clean up or throw down the number two.


Anonymous said...

Better to learn through actually doing than reading. (P.S. Damn customers for interrupting.)

Uncle "E" said...

Note to self; eat at local taco cart before visiting Jesse -n- Kendra's new pad.

Anonymous said...

That is why I love you and am proud to call you my brother.
ps...I make lists as well, we got it from mom. :D