Friday, January 30, 2009

Wayward Identity

It seems, as of late, I have been misplacing my personal items. Most recently, my drivers license. In the process of photo copying and faxing my identification, it has seems to have vanished. Best part about this situation is that I actually never had a chance to photo copy or fax it to the people who need it. I’m sure it’ll turn up. Or at least I hope so, because I’m almost certain that I do not qualify for residency in California yet, to get an ID.

Perhaps, for some strange karmic reason, someone will send it back to Oregon, to the address that’s on the license and my boys there will let me know... or keep it and sell it for $50 bucks to some underaged, Pete Wentz look alike.

Lately, the weather here has been outstanding, mid 60’s to mid 70’s. I really don’t have any complaints other than for some reason, my body thinks, “Hey, it’s nice outside. Perhaps now is a good time for me to make Jesse sneeze all the time and make him want to scratch his eyes out.” Right now, my body is in a full fledged allergy season mode. Which I find very strange, seeing as how there isn’t a single leaf on any of the trees and not one god damned flower in bloom.

Yesterday I didn’t have to work until 4:30 PM so I decided to go check out the local indoor climbing gym. Berkeley Iron Works is an outstanding facility and if i was a million billionaire, I would probably have a membership there. Maybe I haven’t completely adjusted to the fact that everything here in California costs more than it should. Regardless, I went climbing by myself and had so much fun. Unfortunately, my forearms and hands are so sore today, that I was having a hard time lifting my RedBull without trembling.

Last and certainly not least, I miss my family. I could use a hug from my dad, some encouraging words from my mom, a healthy pat on the bum from my brother, and a solid eye roll from my little sister.Photo taken by Kolby Schnelli Photography. (Check out Kolby's Flickr Photo Stream HERE)


Miss Nae said...

I completely hear ya on the run away ID thing. Mine did that in SF too! Good luck finding yours.

Kendra said...

every time you mention looking like Pete Wentz I am reminded of that girl at Horse Head that was like, "oh my god, it's Pete Wentz!" haahahha

Jesse Tobler said...

Shut up. That girl was dumb and you know it. Like... short bus dumb.

Kendra said...

hahaha you love it

rytobler said...'s your Ma...Funny u mentioned climbing.. we saw a TV show last night that featured climbers and I thought of you. Glad to see you haven't given it up. I will tell Uncle E Hi for you today. He is celebrating his b-day with Martini's and an appetizer making cook off. Yummmm
Love Ya Kiddo

rytobler said...

Hey.... Gracie says Hi too. Tanner is too embarassed to have his picture posted... Dad shaved him again.