Thursday, January 1, 2009

10:29 pm.... Happy New Year?

Have you ever been so busy with everyday life and felt so exhausted that you could barely stand on your own two feet by 6pm? Have you been so overwhelmed with this said feeling but been completely okay with it because you are having so much fun and things are finally going your way. Ya well, that’s kind of what it’s been like for me for the past two nights. As I have previously mentioned, I actually started work and even though it’s only a minimum wage job for now, I feel way better about life. On top of that Kendra and I spent our whole New Years Eve moving. [above photo: yes. yes that is my furniture strapped to the top of Thug Passion]

From Bay Street (our old place) to College Ave (our new place) is really only 3.8 miles according to Google Maps but we made that trip 5 times.... round trip. Yeah, even then, 38 miles doesn’t sound like that much but when you are moving stuff from up a couple flights of stairs to Thug Passion, down the ghetto streets between the two nicer neighborhoods filled with crack heads, reeeeeeeeally fat people slowly rolling through the cross walks, and cops accompanied by C.S.I. units you really try and take your time to soak it all in.

You have to keep in mind that I absolutely loathe having to move. Which is really strange considering the fact that I really don’t like staying in one spot for a long time. All things considered, this was actually a very good move. Not only is it our own place but it’s the first time that I have moved into a house with the hopes of it being a clean and nice place to come home to from work and I won’t have those hopes and dreams shattered by all my bachelor house mates (no offense, you know I love each and every one of you boys).

On top of it being a good move, we also recorded just about every minute of the 38 mile trek. Sooner than later I’m going to try and piece together something for your viewing pleasure. I’m not going to promise any real entertainment value but you will kind of get a glimpse into our lives and how we interact with each other. Basically, Kendra tells me stories and I sit there and crack really bad jokes about them or swear at asshole drivers and/or pedestrians.

On another note December 31st, around 11:57pm, I’m sure about 98% of the partially, if not, then fully inebriated world was warming up their vocal cords to slur through their version of Auld Lang Syne, Kendra and I were fast asleep. That’s right, we passed out right around 10:30. The whole waking up at 6am, moving all day, not eating any food until 7pm and washing it down with a few vodka crans to celebrate the new place, really makes for a sleepy couple of lame asses right around that time. Honestly, I think we both had enough fun for a greater part of the continental U.S. last New Years Eve. If you don’t believe me, check the MySpace or Facebook and look at the Polaroid Picture party for N.Y.E. ‘07-’08. (p.s. thank you once again to all of those who attended and tolerated)

Not much else to report that’s really worth typing up. So I leave you all with photos of the new place. Not really top notch but we really like it and are very excited to be here and even more excited for our friends and family to come here and stay with us. Just call us and we’ll figure something out.

[ Our bedroom ]

[ Looking from our bedroom into our living room ]

[ In the living room, that's the bedroom on the left ]

[ The tiny kitchen, with tiny counter, tiny shelves and tiny stove ]


Kolby said...

the apt looks dope my friend!!

Tyler said...

Hey man. Ill have to make a trek down there to see you and hang man. Looks sick. Miss you guys. Take care.....oh and i feel you on the driving.... you guys drive for holidays?